We are looking for salespeople in the field of Brand Promotion and Content Edit for all products and businesses in the United States and Internationally.

The top 3 reasons to join us:

Dynamic, creative working environment.
Opportunities for challenge and development
Competitive compensation regime compared to the market
Working full-time or part-time

Sale, digital marketing, editors
  1. Job Description: Sales Staff
  • Sell advertising services to domestic and international customers.
  • Weekly work reports on progress of development and handling of issues that arise.
  • Weekly work reports on progress of development and handling of issues that arise.

Job requirements:

  • Have at least 1 year of experience working in a business environment of advertising products and services
  • Responsible, active in the work.
  • The ability to withstand good work pressure.
  • The ability to work proactively, solve problems well Mode


Market leader
• The opportunity to work at the pioneer group paved the way, created a smart future
The connection of the United States.

• The opportunity to try your hand at the most advanced and modern technology areas.

Creative dynamic environment
• An open and dynamic work environment that encourages the exchange of ideas at all
Granted, allows you to work, create in your own way.

Opportunities for challenge and development
• The opportunity to try in many different fields, products and countries contributes to the change
Social change.

• Commitment gives you a solid foundation to learn and grow.
• Ready to empower, breakthrough opportunities for young people.
• The opportunity to learn from leading experts, leaders and elite colleagues.
• The opportunity to be trained, to improve skills periodically and practical needs.

Attractive and competitive treatment
• Competitive compensation in the market, reflecting the actual capacity.
• The opportunity to participate in linking with the collective, organizing with interesting team building activities
• Applicants submit your CV on ; Or help need on

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