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Petrolimex Gas Corporation – Joint Stock Company licensed by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment to change its name in the business registration certificate according to the Corporation model from 05.02.2013 (formerly Petrolimex Gas Joint Stock Company) ) has a charter capital of VND 502 billion, is one of the Corporations in which the Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) holds a controlling share on the basis of implementing Decision 828/QD-TTg dated May 31, 2011 of Prime Minister, Document No. 11490/BCT-TCCB dated November 27, 2012 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade approving the Petrolimex restructuring project and Petrolimex Resolution No. 628/PLX-QD-HĐQT dated December 20, 2012 approving Petrolimex restructuring project to form Petrolimex Gas Corporation.

The head office of the Corporation is located at 229 Tay Son – MIPEC building, Dong Da district, Hanoi


Importing, exporting and trading in liquefied petroleum gas and other liquefied gases;

Loading liquefied petroleum gas into bottles and tank trucks; Sale of liquefied petroleum gas for cars;

Sale of liquefied petroleum gas by pipeline;

Inspection and maintenance of gas cylinder shells;

Real estate and real estate business Commercial services;

Investment consulting, technology transfer, maintenance and repair, installation and commercial services and services related to gas business;

Trading in warehousing, transportation, materials, equipment, accessories.

Currently Gas Petrolimex has been present everywhere and serves in many fields of industrial production, agriculture, commerce and consumption of society. In industry: serving metallurgical and mechanical industries: kiln drying, welding, cutting, drying, annealing metal structures. Silicate industry such as Ceramic, Granite factories, glass factories. Agriculture and food processing industry: drying coffee, tea, seafood…

Gas Petrolimex is considered the most prestigious brand in the market, and is one of the top 3 brands in terms of output and market share nationwide. In fact, to develop into a Corporation as it is today, Gas Petrolimex has experienced more than 20 years of specialized operation, is a pioneer after the unification of the two regions of the country, since 1992 Petrolimex has brought clean gas products , the safest to all essential needs in Vietnam.

Petrolimex Gas Corporation is committed to continuing to promote all resources from its over 20 years of intensive experience to provide the best quality gas products, the safest gas services for all families, all areas of production. Social life.

PetroVietnam gas cylinders have 3 types: 12kg civil gas cylinders we use for daily cooking, 45kg steel industrial tanks and 11kg plastic composite tanks. Compared to Petrolimex, PV gas has a wider variety of colors. Consumers have a variety of choices with Petrovietnam gas tank colors such as pink, red, green, blue, gray.

Which color gas tank is the best today? Because there are so many colors, many customers often ask: which color gas tank is the best? But in fact the quality of Petrovietnam gas does not depend on color. Therefore, any color has the same quality and is good, just the price is slightly different.

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